BridgeWorks embraces:

A philosophy and belief that processes can be designed and facilitated to connect people one with another.  It further embraces the belief that those processes can bring people into change and motivate them to impact their environmental setting or system, e.g. workplace, home, neighborhood, school, community, or faith group.  BridgeWorks has a deep, firm commitment to the idea that diversity adds value and a determination that all of its work emanates from and embodies that philosophy and commitment.

BridgeWorks is coordinated by:

janet brown moss who, since 1972, has brought and continues to bring people together to dialogue, plan and initiate projects and ideas bridging gaps within organizations and in the community-at-large.  She is an energetic, skilled, innovative organizer and developer of people and ideas.  She is an avid investigator and implementer of ideas and schools of thinking that help people to communicate across barriers and to empower themselves and the systems of which they are a part.

Her experiences, education, and relationships have laid the foundation for her ability to design and facilitate a wide range of human relations training that includes: community & coalition-building, prejudice reduction, conflict resolution and mediation, communication styles, cultural understanding, and design & readiness for change.

She is a generalist who uses her knowledge of and experience with group dynamics, cultural perspectives, human behavior and presentation skills to facilitate people in sharing their own skills, sensitivity and knowledge to learn from and connect with one another.   Her degree is in Management and Human Relations from Mid America Nazarene University and has trained with: The National Coalition Building Institute, Midwest Regional Center, Harmony in a World of Difference, Excellerated Learning Institute, Foundation for Community Encouragement, Respecting Ethnic And Cultural Heritage and others.

BridgeWorks is:

A consulting, learning and project management firm which does contract work with businesses, community groups, religious congregations, not-for-profit organizations…children, youth and adults, launched by janet brown moss in the late 80’s.

janet’s experiences and observations have taught her that racism sabotages good work in which individuals and groups undertake together.  Therefore, most recent work of the past three years has been focused on “Living With White Privilege” workshops This work turns the usual recommended approach to celebrating diversity on its head, by progressing through the work of valuing difference on the following path:

1.    Create/increase awareness of whiteness and white privilege
2.    Courage to face fear of difference
3.    Anti-racism work
4.    Embrace & highly value diversity
5.    Intolerance for inequity of all types
6.    Who knows where such thought and action might next express itself?

BridgeWorks offers:

•    …hands-on, experiential learning, interspersed with short “teaches”  that assist clients with prejudice reduction, conflict resolution, assertive communication, organizational planning and strategies, community and coalition-building, power systems, cultural understanding, communitarian thinking, and design and readiness for change by
o    custom design and facilitation of workshops of varied lengths (one hour, one day, ongoing work)…
o    providing program/project/event coordination and management
•    …Which enables people to work better together to plan their work and accomplish necessary tasks…
•    …At a place, time and cost tailored to specific needs of the group.

BridgeWorks Will…

•    ”Push the edge” to bring people together to learn, care, collaborate, and implement projects
•    Provide a healthy, fun, effective, often touching way to embrace attitude change.
•    Explore avenues of learning that enable people to learn with integrity—quickly, deeply enjoyably, and respectfully.
•    Create and connect you with the type of learning management and systems you need or want.
•    Employ cross-cultural facilitation teams when it will enhance the project and learning experience and model the added value of diversity
•    Bring people into the learning process, employing a variety of styles to create a setting in which people have fun while learning and working.
•    Help clients chart a course to develop and achieve short-term goals and long-term vision.
•    Be quick in getting to the heart of the matter—not just “learning as usual”.


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    I will try to make this program. Marilyn

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