Kathy Lynn Stillson Reck Memorial

Just returned from a memorial for a woman, as far as i know, i never met.  Knowing her husband, Don Reck, was plenty incentive for me to attend her going away celebration.  Don is a man i knew i liked the minute he walked into an executive director’s gathering at the Kauffman Foundation years ago.  Shortly after, my life partner, Joel met him and we both came to admire and appreciate his welcoming and warm manner in the community as years have gone by.  We knew nothing about his personal life, however, until a few years ago when he began to post information about his wife, Kathy, who had fallen seriously ill and not expected to live.  He kept those of us who wanted to keep connected to his life informed through photos and sometimes heartrending words of love about Kathy’s health and last Friday, her passing on.  The service held this morning was, without a doubt, high up on transformative experiences of my life thus far.  That is not an exaggeration.  I was not the only one as i looked and felt the folks seated and listening transfixed.  The overfull church was held spellbound as person after person on the service program said or sang words that made me truly feel we were all experiencing, for that hour and a half, a dimension in which we all truly belonged.  I venture to believe that others also felt that essence and will recall our feelings to one another as we meet now and again in the community.  I also venture to believe, because of the words spoken about Kathy, she was around somehow melding and morphing those gathered into what some call the body of christ.

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