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janet brown, Professional Biography Packet         Chronology of Education and Experience,                       Client List (past and present), Narrative Bio                     1001 W. 38th Street, Kansas City, MO, 64111                                Phone (816) 695-0033,                                                              email:

  Overview of Qualifications and Strengths:

  • Highly values, enjoys, and is skilled in working with diversity of people and ideas
  • Gets to the “heart of the matter.”
  • Works with a high degree of self-direction and flexibility to make efficient and effective use of time
  • Has connection to and accesses resource persons from a wide variety of ethnic, cultural, interest, and professional arenas in the Kansas City area.
  • Speaks publicly in an inviting, persuasive, and interactive manner, etched with humor
  • Well organized to use time and resources productively
  • Produces technical and creative work with computer technology
  • Writes in a clear and creative style

 Consulting and Facilitation Strengths:

  • Offers needs-assessment and readiness-to-change tools to gain clarity of learning need and level
  • Listens to people in the process of workshop curriculum design
  • Easily sees “bits and pieces” that need to be a part of workshop curriculum development
  • Co-facilitates with at least one additional person, to offer the added value of a cross-cultural facilitation team.
  • Brings participants into the learning process, employing variety that creates a setting in whichpeople have fun while learning.
  • Provides active participation interspersed with short “teaches” to keep the pace brisk and the mind active
  • Utilizes small and large group discussion and experiential activities
  • Involves workshop participants in action-planning

Project/Event Coordination Strengths:

  • Makes the fine distinctions necessary to manage the details of project design and implementation
  • Facilitates involvement of people in the process of change, identification of needs, and action planning
  • Motivates people and groups to coordinate efforts to meet needs and goals
  • Bridges gaps between group and individual differences to identify “common ground”
  • Manages projects, leads people

 Employment Experience & Contract Work Includes:

  • BridgeWorks…Creating Connections…Channeling Change, a human relations consulting, training, and project management enterprise.  Principal Consultant, 1991-Present. (Partial client list enclosed.)
  • HarmonyNCCJ, Congregational Partners’ Program Coordinator, June 1999 to April 2006.
    • Assisted more than 50 congregations (half whose members are black, half whose members are white) of different denominations, faith & ethnicity, in development of 26 partnerships to build relationships of trust & unite to serve the metropolitan community.
    • Compiled and wrote the “Guide and Ideas For Congregational Partnering Across Lines of Ethnicity and Faith” and used it in the formation and development of partnerships
    • Designed training of trainers, to educate beginning partnership and piloted it in South Africa
    • Designed and facilitated day-long partnership retreats to build trust and learning between congregations of different faiths/denominations and ethnicity
    • Congregational Partners, July 1997-June 1999 Designed and implemented the Congregational Partners Program, a major recommendation of the 1996 Mayor’s Task Force on Race Relations, with the direction of an interfaith, interracial board of directors.
    • National Panel of American Women – Designed and began Multicultural Youth Together Clubs in four metro area high schools and helped them create multicultural panels of youth to present programs in their communities.
    • Panel of American Women, Greater Kansas City-Executive Director, 1984-91. Recruited and coordinated public presentations of 50 volunteers on the subject of racism and religionism.
    • Career Management Center. Marketing, Projects Coordinator, 1984-89.
    • Childbirth and Parent Education of Kansas City, Inc. and University Hospital. Childbirth and Parent educator. 1972-1989

 Community Service Experience Includes:

  • Numerous miscellaneous short term community projects
  • Multicultural Task Force Co-chair & Multicultural Youth Together Club Sponsor, Center School District
  • Women’s Foundation of Greater Kansas City, Founding Board Member.
  • United Minority Media Association, Inc.
  • Avila Women’s Leadership Institute Advisory Board.
  • National Association of Childbirth Education, Inc., Board Member, Editor, Training/Development.
  • Childbirth and Parent Education (CAPE) – KC Metro area childbirth and early parenting education organization – Co-founder

Education Experiences Include:

  • Mid-America Nazarene College, Management & Human Relations Degree
  • Creative Conflict Resolution, William J. Kriedler.
  • Training of Trainers (TOT), National Coalition-Building Institute
  • Ethnic-Cultural Responsiveness to Child Abuse/Neglect, Dr. Man Keung N. Ho.
  • TOT, Harmony in a World of Difference Prejudice Reduction
  • Community-Building Training of Trainers, Midwest Regional Center.
  • Women’s Leadership Institute, Avila College.
  • Family Systems Training, Counseling Center for Human Development.
  • F. Scott Peck’s Community-Building Training.
  • Excellerated Learning Institute Training. (Based on Buckminster Fuller Principles)
  • Kaleel-Jamison Managing Diversity Training.
  • Forum Theater Problem-Solving Workshops.

Awards and Honors

  • EXCEL Award for Community Leadership, Avila College, Women’s Leadership Institute.
  • Founding Member recognition by Women’s Foundation of Greater Kansas City.
  • NACE National Childbirth Educator of the Year.
  • One of Two Community Service Recognition Awards given by Kansas City Harmony
  • “Time Well Spent” Award from United Minority Media Association
  • HateBusters “Don Quixote” Award
  • “Silly Mamma” Award from four adult offspringJ
  • ‘Angie Aker Award from Sickle Cell for Compassion and Caring

References gladly provided in accordance with specific type of work required.


Human Relations Consulting and Facilitation of Learning:

 Congregational Partners – Partnered members of black congregations and white congregations to build relationships and take action together in the community
 Kansas City Harmony – worked with teams that facilitated learning of more than 10,000 local and regional educators, community and corporate leaders.
 All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church Staff
 Human Rights Commission of Soweto South Africa
 Communication work with students of KU Medical Center, UMKC School of Medicine, KC University of Medicine and Biosciences
 Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation’s Leadership Institute
 Adams Mark Hotels
 Society of Women Engineers
 Summer in the City & City at Peace – High school students from urban and suburban high schools who created and performed a musical production
 Armour Home
 Kansas City, MO School District
 Rockhurst University
 Blue Valley School District
 Sumner Academy
 Bishop Miege High School
 Hickman Mills High School
 Center Community Patron Network
 Kansans of Color
 N.E. Kansas Education Service Center
 Federal Dept. of Health and Human Services
 McDonald’s (Restaurants) Network
 Eastern Kansas Leadership Group
 State of Missouri Department of Health Minority Health Committee
 Center Middle School
 Neighborhood Housing Services of KCKS

Project or Event Coordination/Management:

  • Racial Justice Committee of All Souls UU Church – THE NEW JIM CROW Reading and Action Circles – April 2014 to present – Goal to develop and facilitate circles of interracial individuals to read, discuss and take action regarding mass incarceration and racial justice.   Four groups completed.  In process of forming the fifth to be comprised of clergy of differing faith and ethnicity.
  • Cultivate Kansas City – Coordination of Urban Farms Tours -2007–600 attendees toured 11 urban farms across the metropolitan area – 2009–estimated 2,000 individuals participated in 10 days of events related to urban food production and toured 31 urban farms and gardens across the metropolitan area – 2011–6,874 visits made by 2,028 individuals during the two-day tour of 37 sites – attendance of 829 at 18 pre-tour events.
  • True Light Family Resource Center – Facilitated creation of programming including Emancipation Station, a day space for women who are recently or near homeless.
  • Kansas City Urban League and Racial Justice Committee of All Souls UU Church – Developed Reading Circles of the book “Afraid of the Dark..”What Blacks and Whites Need to Know About Each Other between members of white and black congregations.
  • Partnership for Children – Created an Interfaith Children’s Sabbath Arts Event.
  • The Edgerton Group – “Children of the World” UN photographers’ exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins Gallery – Walking Tours of UN Photographer’s Art in the Plaza and Westport shop windows – “A Peace of Art In Westport” music, poetry, sidewalk drawing, and mural painting event – Created curriculum and facilitated “UN Teach-in”- for area educators who learned about and were provided a curriculum for teaching global understanding for classroom use.
  • UMKC Center for International Business
  • People to People Anniversary Events

janet brown, Biographical Narrative

janet brown moss is an individual of high energy and motivation and has ability to inspire and motivate others to action.  She has worked in the Kansas City community as an “agent for change” since 1972.  She is “in the business of” empowering people to improve their individual lives and societal systems.

janet brings people together to dialogue, plan and initiate projects and ideas bridging gaps within organizations and in the community-at-large.  She is an energetic, skilled, innovative organizer and developer of people and ideas.  She is an avid investigator and implementer of ideas and schools of thinking that help people to communicate across barriers and to empower themselves and the systems of which they are a part.

She was a part of Kansas City Harmony since its beginnings, when she served on the Harmony Alliance, representing the Panel of American Women.  She also facilitated Harmony diversity workshops as a contractor for Harmony.  janet designed the Congregational Partners Program and worked as its coordinator at Harmony for seven years; the purpose of the program being to assist congregations of different denominations, faiths and ethnicity to build relationships of trust and unite to serve our metropolitan community.  She compiled and wrote a 150 page “Guide and Ideas For Congregational Partnering Across Lines of Ethnicity and Faith” to guide the 14 partnerships with which she was working when she left Harmony in 2006.

janet’s skills are also offered through her company, BridgeWorks…Helping Us Relate And Communicate Across Lines Of Difference…To Make A Difference.  Her experiences, education, and relationships have laid the foundation for her ability to design and facilitate a wide range of human relations learning, one which afforded the opportunity to live and work with residents of Soweto in Johannesburg South Africa.  The learning includes: community and coalition-building, prejudice reduction, conflict resolution and mediation, communication styles, cultural understanding, and design and readiness for change.  BridgeWorks also has coordinated and managed a variety of projects and events.  (Note above partial list of clients.)

In her early career, janet was a forerunner in the field of childbirth education in the Kansas City area.  She co-founded Childbirth and Parent Education, Inc. of KC, a chapter of the National Association of Childbirth Education (NACE).  This group facilitated pregnancy, childbirth, and early-parenting classes and support groups at a time when hospitals did not offer those services.  She was trained and certified as a Childbirth Educator with NACE, taught for 12 years, and had the honor to be named “National Childbirth Educator of the Year” by her students.  She developed curriculum and teacher training processes, and consulted with area hospitals as they developed courses in the area of childbirth education.  On a national level, she served on the board of NACE and took leadership of the reorganization committee during a time of total restructure.  She served as a trainer at the national level, as well as assisting in regional and international conferences.

From 1984 to 1989, Janet worked as Marketing and Special Projects Coordinator for the Career Management CenterThere she was responsible for research, planning and marketing of programs and services relating to career planning and development.  She instituted a youth volunteer recognition program and a semi-annual publication detailing growth and learning opportunities for area youth.

From 1984 to 1991, Janet served as Executive Director of the Panel of American Women of Greater Kansas City.  In that capacity, she worked to revitalize its Coordinating Council and to develop and implement new organizational structure and procedures.  She was instrumental in developing programming as well as increasing membership, program bookings, income and visibility.  She coordinated the training and scheduling of 50+ volunteers who presented multicultural discussion panels.

As a community volunteer she has been instrumental in the formation of several projects in the KC metro area, such as the childbirth and early parenting education movement mentioned above, The Metropolitan Women’s Roundtable, The Women’s Foundation of Greater Kansas City, and Kansas City Harmony. She was a charter member of the Metropolitan Women’s Roundtable, which included 25 member groups and, in cooperation with the Central Exchange Programming Corporation, resulted in the formation of the Women’s Foundation of Greater Kansas City.  Janet served as a board member and co-chair of the community relations committee of The Women’s Foundation and initiated its newsletter team, speakers’ bureau, and volunteer coordination.  In the first issue of their annual publication, “A Celebration Of Women, Kansas City 1993″, the foundation honored her with these words, “Her powerful commitment to creating a Foundation board whose diversity would mirror the diversity of women in our community has resulted in a group which includes businesswomen, professionals, philanthropists and grass roots activists”.  Janet served an active role on the Avila Women’s Leadership Institute Advisory Board and received the Institute’s EXCEL Award for Community Leadership.

Janet’s interest in youth, education, and the value of diversity prompted her to develop a training program and manual to begin Multicultural Youth Together (MYT) Clubs for area high school students, aided by a grant to The Panel of American Women from the Ben and Jerry Foundation.  MYT included panels of culturally diverse students who “told their stories” for other students, and for faculty and administrative in-service workshops.

janet has a degree in Management & Human Relations and in addition to the training offered by Harmony, is certified to facilitate training programs of the following groups:  The National Coalition Building Institute, Mid-west Regional Center, Foundation for Community Encouragement, Respecting Ethnic and Cultural Heritage (REACH) and Help Increase The Peace.  A Thesis Project was a requirement of the degree program.  Janet did her thesis on community building and the role of the community in orchestrating change, focusing on the Center School District Community in Kansas City, Missouri.

Throughout the years Janet has participated in educational opportunities outside the mainstream of the academic system.  In addition to those mentioned above some of them include the Ethnic-Cultural Responsiveness to Child Abuse/Neglect; Creative Conflict Resolution, William J. Kriedler; Joan Flanagan Fund Raising Workshop; Board/Staff Functioning, UMKC School of Public Administration; Family Systems Training, Counseling Center for Human Development, Inc.; Project STAR Training of Trainers; the Women’s Leadership Institute, Avila College; Communitarian Teach-In; Excellerated Learning Institute; and Kaleel-Jamison Consulting Firm

janet is a parent of four all of whom graduated from Center High School and universities across the country.  She is also the grandparent of two grandsons and life partner with    joel wakham

She is highly dedicated to advocating for the needs and rights of all and the value and necessity to bring diversity (age, gender, race, faith beliefs, etc.) together for ones personal growth, and to implement systemic change that benefits the community.  She has consistently worked within local schools, faith communities, and neighborhoods in developing educational and citizen involvement programs.  She has been a visible and consistent voice in the community calling individuals, corporations, and organizations to value and appreciate diversity and accord dignity to all people.  No matter what the setting–personal or professional–Janet displays her organizational and communication skills, and enthusiastic commitment, to people and to positive change.

janet brown, 1001 W. 38th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111                         (816) 695-0033 –


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